Imminent take-off with the Crazy Jump! It is composed of different tracks with jumps at the end and is exclusively reserved for stunts with a reception in the water for a total safety. This activity can be made without any gear or with a bodyboard or surfboard.


This is an easy concept: a board and a track without jump. Popular leisure activity, it will offer you a unique slide feeling on the water. It is up to you to just slide, make turns the bodyboard way or even practice your take-off for all the surfers at heart.


The « Donuts » are buoys used on a track composed of various slopes without any jump at the end. You can practice this activity with buoys, ski and snowboard, by yourself or with people.


Have you always been dreaming of skiing during summer time? It is possible now! Tracks are made of a semi-rigid synthetic material, reproducing snow traits and have a jump at the end. This concept aims to look out for flying feeling and practice stunts and tricks. Accessible with ski, snowboard and buoys (donuts).


Drop-in Wheels it the one you want for all rolling activities: bike, skateboard, rollerblades, scooter. The track you will take is composed of a runway and a jump at the end and you will arrive in the water. It is here for you to get initiated and practice stunt in a safe way.


Drop-in Island are the best way to enjoy (or challenge) your friends. An inflatable play area for all ages (Drop-in Dracénie only)


Drop-in Area is a space to chill out, make use of complementary activities (such as the slackline) and enjoy your time. The visitor access is free in all our parcs. Rest, relaxation and recreation are on the agenda while admiring your friends, family or strangers slide and ride.


Our jump areas are there for all sports and levels freestylers looking out for performance but also for anyone who wants to initiate themselves to the pleasure of aerobatics.


Drop-in is with you all day long to provide you loads of energy with snacks, drinks and indulgences.


You know you will miss Drop-in and you want to remember your session? You’ll be delighted to know that you can keep a memory of your time with us by getting clothes or goodies!



A bouncy and certified professional team (BJEPS AAN, BNSSA)
and specifically trained to the Waterjumps operator position
welcomes and oversees you all along your practice.

Internal Regulations (PDF)